Artificial Intelligence Training in Hyderabad

Topics We Cover :

• Introduction to course

• Data science introduction

• Delving into Blockchain

• Python programming

• Data exploration

• Other Mathematics Concepts

• Machine Learning

• Deep Learning and other algorithms

• Natural Language Processing



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Course Curriculum & Modules

  • Overview

    Artificial Intelligence or AI can simply be interpreted as a systemic procedure that deals with the process of making machines or computers to perform various logical tasks which normally require the use of human intelligence for accomplishing the tasks. This involves delivering a complete set of advanced human performed skills like visual perception, speech & face recognition, decision making & more into the machines or computers so that they no longer require the presence a human interference to perform their accomplish their tasks.

  • Objectives

    • To Create Expert Systems: To build machines or software which exhibits highly specialized capabilities like analyzing things, making accurate decisions, exhibiting intelligent behavior & more.
    • Imparting Human Intelligence Into Machines: To design machines, systems, and software that have the advanced capabilities of understanding, learning, & thinking just like the way we humans do.
    • The Best Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad is here to leverage your end-on-end AI professional skills. We cover all the in-depth & advanced AI career oriented concepts in our training which mainly include
    • Working on the concepts of building an intelligent computer system.
    • To leverage skills in understanding the potential areas where AI can be implementations can be made.
    • To build knowledge in the concepts of AI debugging.
    • Applying the regression, clustering, classification, recommender systems and else deep learning.
    • To build knowledge in Statistical and decision-theoretic modeling paradigm.
    • Hands on experience in working with AI real-time case studies and industry projects.
    • Real-Time Industry-Based Projects

  • Things to Know

    Getting into the profession of Artificial Intelligence doesn’t require any additional degree or added skills. Having the interest alone will be enough but however, having knowledge in any of the following concepts will help for a better understanding of subject knowledge
    • Knowledge of mathematical concepts of probability, statistics, algebra, calculus, logic, and algorithms.
    • Having an idea of different programming languages and coding.
    • Cognitive science theory.
    • Learn AI from our "ISON TECH SYSTEMS & step onto the path of success in your professional career.

  • Reason

    Anyone who are showing interest towards course to build their career in AI world

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