UI Development with Angular Training in Hyderabad

Topics We Cover :

• Introduction to Full Stack Development



• Working with HTML5

• Working with CSS3

• Working with Bootstrap 4

• Working with GIT

• Working with Type Script

• Angular Basics

• Working with Data and Events Binding

• Deep dive into Directives

• Play with Template-driven forms

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Course Curriculum & Modules

  • Overview

    The constantly evolving industry needs are demanding web designers & developers build unique ways of enhancing customer experience. This is where UI development comes into the play. UI stands for User Interface development. UI is an innovative approach in the field of web development which totally changes the look & interactive experience of a website. Competitor analysis, Product improvement, Wire creating, Prototyping, Customer Research, Assessment, Design planning, UI Prototyping, Animation consequences are some of the major concepts that are a part of UI/UX development.
    The top-notch industry concentric training which is delivered here from the hands of qualified trainers will make the students master skills in HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap3, AngularJS, and many more concepts. We deliver complete hands-on projects based real-time learning approach. So start working towards becoming a qualified UI Development industry professional with the help of ISON TECH SYSTEMS advanced training in UI Development Course In Hyderabad.

  • Objectives

    • Complete overview of UI Development
    • Complete knowledge of HTML Fundamentals
    • Introduction to HTML 5 & CSS
    • Working on the advanced concepts of JavaScript
    • Working on the concepts of Bootstrap & Angular JS
    • Hands-on exposure towards Illustrator, Sketch etc to create great looking pages and websites.
    • Complete knowledge of debugging applications
    • Working on real-time industry projects & case studies

  • Things to Know

    There are no particular pre-requisites to join for our advanced program of UI Training In Hyderabad. However, building knowledge of the following concepts will be an added advantage.
    • Basic knowledge of HTML
    • Knowledge of JavaScript
    • Working experience of Photoshop

  • Reason

    Aspirants who are having an acute interest in securing their career in the web development as a qualified UI developer can get enrolled for this advanced UI Development Course In Hyderabad. As our training approach is a pure industry concentric event the working professionals from other domains who are planning towards making a career transiting can also get enrolled for the course.
    The other intended audiences for this program include
    • Programming Experts
    • Developers
    • Java Professionals
    • Database Administrators
    • Networking Administrators
    • Degree Holders & Job Seekers
    • End Users

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